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I think I'm adorable.

May the odds be ever in the Winchesters' favor.

14 March 1983
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What to say, what to say... does anyone actually read these?

I am at heart a simple creature. I love movies and television, books and fanfiction. I name almost everything I own from my TV (Edna) to my phone (Ollie) to my poor recently deceased car (Hallie, so I can call her Hal) and have an unhealthy obsession with strawberry chapstick and anything that can make me laugh out loud. I have reread every book in my bookcase at least once, most of them more than half a dozen times; I've watched all my DVDs a couple times, and I enjoy them all each and every time. I like to find new authors and drive my roommate crazy when I bring home new DVDs to add to the stack of DVDs that I haven't had a chance to watch yet.

My Journal title sentences are from jenish's Pete/Patrick story "Straight On 'Til Morning"

I DO believe in Time Lords

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I Love You Too

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John Barrowman is Love

I totally got in!!
thanks, foxymsmoxie and la_to_the_rah for getting me to finally apply :)

MUAH HA HA HA!! Totally got into my House of choice :D
Gryffindor Sorted

Love is Burning Up a Sun

Is it too much to hope for? DW Love


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