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Feb. 26th, 2012

FOB - Patrick & Guitar

So I Guess I'm A Runner Now

My friend has decided I need to go running with her. I have decided that it's probably a good plan since I'd like to have sex again sometime this decade.

Running, HOWEVER, is not an easily picked up skill. 

It's fucking HARD.

She's got some app on her phone that helps you go from No Running to Run a 5K Why Don't You in blah blah time. Today we warmed up for 5 minutes, ran for a minute then walked for a minute & a half for 25 minutes, then a 5 minute cool down and some stretching. Sounds easy, right? 


I mean...I did it. Not well, but I did it. And we're gonna do it three days a week until I look better naked. It's a good goal. An important goal. One to remember when I feel like I can't get a good breath and my fucking leg muscles want to melt off my bones.

*bangs head on desk* Look. *bangs* Better. *bangs* Naked. *bangs* 


Mar. 19th, 2010

FOB - Patrick & Guitar

Survey time!!


I know, I know, I never post and here I am hawking wares... But I need the wares filled out and sent in... Hmm, let me explain.

My Monday class (Introduction to Interactive Media) requires for our current project that we build and unleash a survey to the public. I have mine and now need you to fill it out... please?


It's very short, won't take but 3 minutes, tops...



Oct. 7th, 2009

FOB - Patrick & Guitar

The Legend of Mike Singletary

Hullo LJ!

It's football season and my friends and I are a part of the 49er faithful, enjoying the living CRAP out of Mike Singletary's 49er team of 2009. We've started telling myths and legends around the pizza table on Sundays about Singletary and his use of football pads to keep his team *cough* Vernon Davis *cough* in line and I just wanted a place to write them down, collect them, so we can put out the word of his great and legendary story.

So here some of them are... (these are just from this morning, after it was announced that Crabtree stopped being a douchey tool)

@sprqman Oh great, considering all the training camp he missed he might be ready in week 17. Singletary better strap on the pads....

@shelbster I bet Singletary had the pads ready in case he signed with the 9ers & once The Whiner suits up, it's pain time!

@sprqman I bet he sleeps with his pads under his bed in case Crabtree comes in crying about having a nightmare

@shelbster Haha, I bet he sleeps with his pads on hoping someone breaks in and brings a knife to a singletary-in-pads fight. Poor Crabtree.

@sprqman Mike Singletary doesn't sleep, he waits in his hallway in full gear to tackle anyone who breaks into his house.

@tedmustard Imagine the horror stories of the few robbers who lived to tell the tale of those huge eyes floating in the dark, waiting.

@sprqman "The last thing i remember is him shouting 'You done opened the wrong can of worms, boy!' and then HIS EYES."

LOL... more to come, I'm sure...

May. 5th, 2009

Firefly - She's a might unpredictable

Original Fic

So... it's super boring at work today, so my brain decided it wanted to write a story... I tried to fit it into a pairing, but it just wasn't leaning that direction... So I have an original fic here to share with you... It's only the first part... but I figured I'd post it, see if anyone was interested...

What's here is what I have...but up next is the private dinner... People drink, questions are asked, things are revealed, and people get grumpy... ;)


Untitled...as of now...Collapse )


Apr. 8th, 2009

FOB - Patrick & Guitar

My Night with Fall Out Boy!!

So... totally got to MEET Fall Out Boy last night!!!!!!!!!!!

There were about 25, maybe 35 of us and we cycled through the line twice.
The first was to get something autographed: 

That's my FOB concert buddy, stephie :D

She's more friendly in these situations than I, I get shy and don't talk... She mentioned something about the SF concert we went to in Nov to Patrick Stump - my favr FOB - and I piggy-backed onto that convo... then I noticed that the drummer was wearing a Vintage Star Wars t-shirt and since I was wearing my awesome Marc Ecko Darth Vader hoodie I said "hey, love the shirt" and when he looked at me I pointed out my sweatshirt, he laughed and said "love yours" :D Pete Wentz looked up and saw Stephie's Boba Fett hoodie and complimented her on it, which was great since most people don't get that it's a boba fett hoodie :D
Then we went through again and got our picture taken with them...and 4 other people...but still PICTURE WITH FALL OUT BOY!!!!!

I don't have the pic yet, it's supposed to be posted to friendsorenemies.com, but i dunno when... :( I did get to stand next to my favr band member, Patrick Stump :D it was AWESOME!!!!!

Fall Out Boy was WICKED in concert!!!!

a good night all around :D:D:D

Apr. 6th, 2009

FOB - Patrick & Guitar

Mutha Effin Monday!!!!!!!!!!

This Monday has shaped up to be pretty BADASS!!!!

My new jeans are awesome AND comfortable, which is great, and my friend won tickets to a Fall Out Boy concert tomorrow and they're MEET & GREET tix and she's TAKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They're one of my top 3 favr bands and we've been to a couple of their concerts together, I'm so exited :D:D:D:D:D:D

Apr. 1st, 2009

FOB - Patrick & Guitar

Wakin' Up to The Daily Show

I am starting to think that The Daily Show needs a morning segment... I am totally in love with starting my day at 8 am with the DS from the night before... Puts a good spin on the whole day ;)

Some fave quotes from last nights ep:


Flooding in North Dakota = Semi-Voluntary Property Baptism

Obesity Epidemic = Enhanced Biological Jollification

and the best one!

Forest Fires = Extreme Wildlife Oxificaiton & Talking Bear Employment Opportunities

:D...i've realzied tho, that the only problem with waking up with Jon Stewart and his crew is the surprised laughter that rings across the office...makes watching hulu at work harder to hide ;)

the ep:

Mar. 27th, 2009


Post for boudecia7...and my own curiosity :)

One of my flist buddies, boudecia7 , posted a question about a specific kink (Vorarephilia, or Vore) she was assigned for a writing meme. Anybody on my flist got any pertinent/helpful information for her? And myself, I admit I too am curious about the drive that fuels this kink. We're looking for helpful info, no judgy judgyness or nasty comments. Understanding is what's being hoped for here, people!

Reply here or check out her original post :)


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HP - Everything Goes Well

Must Remember

I really must remember to drink more water when we go out drinking... I used to remember... but apparently as I age I forget the important stuff... ;)

Tho...today's gonna be a good day cause I had a righteously dirty dream last night. I'm hoping it's set the tone for the day :D

AND we're going to 99 Chicken tonight!! BEST. CHICKEN. EVER.

Mar. 2nd, 2009

FOB - Patrick & Guitar

My "I'm still alive" Post :D

Hullo! Just posting to say hi... :) It's been awhile since I posted anything...my job at the mo doesn't allow for lots of free computer time :(

I'm back at my original job for the day, maybe the week *crosses fingers* so I may be on here more :)

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